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Building a stronger and better practice altogether.

Our Story

PMDL and McGlashan Everist, two leading Australian architecture and design practices have announced a joining of forces to create a strong new presence in Australia and Asia.

McGlashan Everist has a rich history, with a strong presence in Melbourne and Geelong’s architectural establishment and a reputation for innovative design that balances aesthetics and creative problem solving.

McGlashan Everist has long been a part of the modern architectural elite; they were established with studios in Melbourne and Geelong in 1955. With strength in innovative designs that intelligently solve the client’s challenges – while delivering an aesthetic solution that meets their client’s needs – they are a potent fit for the younger firm of PMDL.

With this aquisition, PMDL McGlashan Everist increases its commitment to their existing clients and will be adding some of the most prestigious clients in the education, public and business space to a growing portfolio.

McGlashan Everist has a strong design direction and a wealth of knowledge of the Victorian architectural scene. This integration will allow the two practices to be ready for the needs of the present while creating a path to future opportunities.

Our Team

PMDL is a dynamic and creative international Architecture and Interior design practice, celebrated for the delivery of innovative and insightful design and architecture projects.

John Lee and Geoff Saunders are the directors of McGlashan Everist. Both graduated from Deakin University, and have been with McGlashan Everist for more than 45 years. John has been a director since 1986 and heads the Melbourne office, while Geoff has been a director since 1996 and heads the Geelong office.

McGlashan Everist operate out of two studios, which work closely together with John Rice as the Associate Director in Melbourne and Frank Bienefelt as the Associate Director in Geelong along with a team of Architects, graduates and administrative staff to complete the team.

Our combined global team of PMDL including PMDL McGlashan Everist is now comprised of over 70 + team members. PMDL McGlashan Everist has design studios in Melbourne and Geelong further supported by PMDL studios in Sydney, Hong Kong and Macau, delivering specialised architecture and interior design services.

For more information contact Donna Payne at dpayne@pmdl-mea.com.au or contact our other studios on the links below.


Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country
Level 4, 145 St Russell Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000,
P: +61 3 9427 8885
E: melbourne@pmdl-mea.com.au


Wadawarrung Country
2 Downes Place
Geelong Victoria 3220,
P: +61 3 5221 3144
E: geelong@pmdl-mea.com.au


Cammeraygal Country
Level 17, 124 Walker St,
North Sydney NSW 2060,
P: +61 2 8458 5500
E: sydney@pmdl-mea.com.au


20/F Hollywood Centre
233 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong
P: +852 2836 6992
E: hongkong@pmdl-mea.com.au